In order to declare documents such as type, name, quantity, unit sales price, delivery type and total amount of the goods to be sold, it is necessary to first regulate the commercial invoices when exporting. The commercial invoices to be sent by the vendor must be issued by those who want to export with the required financial stamps and notarized certificates. Bills can be appropriately approved by the Chamber of Commerce according to requests from importer countries.

Proforma Invoice

The bill is referred to as the invoicing proforma invoice for which the unit price, characteristics and sales conditions of the goods to be contracted are reported by the exporter. The main purpose of this bill is to fulfill the proposal.

Original Bills

The original invoice is called the original invoice after the sales transactions are completely finished and the sales contract is documented and the final decision is made that the contract is hand-held. While exports and imports are being made, the original invoice is constantly being sought for the realization of the customs transaction. When the original invoice is issued, the importer may send the invoice to the importer through the exporting bank. 

Consular Certificate

The consular document is the document which should be approved by the consulate of the country, aiming at the uncovering of the origin of the goods or goods to be referred to foreign countries.

Freight Invoice

These bills, which must be paid by the sellers in CF and CIF sales, are included in the sales bill and the cost of goods. Another known name of Faturan is freight bill. Invoicing and receipt of the "paid freight" statement on the document are required for export.

Insurance Certificate

An insurance document is needed for the export transactions organized according to CIF and CI delivery. The insurance document will be filled in with the information and instructions to be given by the person who will make the import. In this way, insurance against commercial risks of the goods is provided.

Parcel Curriculum Documents

The price of the loaded goods to be exported and the list of the places and packages to be covered in the containers are referred to as the parcel curriculum documents. These lists allow claims to be filed with the insurance companies in case of damage by customs.

Cede Lists

The list of coupons shows the amount of goods loaded into the vehicle on a package, sack and weight basis

Goods Ordinosu

The orders and instructions indicating that the goods written by the air waybill will be partially or completely withdrawn are clearly indicated in the article ordinance documents.

Consignment Note

It is a bill of lading document indicating that the goods have been delivered for transportation in the transportation operations that you think you are going to make with airplanes, ships and trains. Thanks to the document, the obligations and responsibilities in transportation services are transferred to the bearers completely.

TIR Carnets

TIR carnets, which can be requested by the companies that will prefer the truck system as transportation method, are the documents that provide the guarantees of the goods on the customs in the vehicle. In case of completion of the movable properties, the caravans are given rooms.

Health Certificate

They are certificates certifying the conformity of the goods considered to be exported with the health conditions. If you are considering exporting plants and crops, you need to have the Certificate of Origin and Veterinary of Animals if you are interested in exporting Plant Health Certificate, animal and animal food. You can also obtain these documents from relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Standardization Control Certificate

Documents used to indicate whether the goods to be exported meet the mandatory standards contained in the statutes and practices in the framework of the Acts. In order to receive this certificate, a check certificate application must be made by the Foreign Trade Standardization Supervisors Group Presidencies.

Stock Exchange Declaration

This document, which is listed as a list of commodities listed on the stock exchange, is a necessary document for the income tax on agricultural products. This document is requested from the persons who will export before it is registered by Customs.