Real persons and legal entities shall have the right of legal disposition in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force, together with not having legal person status when they receive tax number according to the Tax Procedural Laws. Those who have legal savings authority can perform import transactions.
Article 5 of the newly regulated Import Regime Decree, which is in force, allows imports of goods outside the legislative measures related to human, animal and plant health protection.

As Ercan Customs Brokerage firm, when you tell us your import requirements, we can apply the following procedures to you:

Collecting necessary information from agencies and transport companies prior to the arrival of the goods for which the import is planned and informing the customer

- Customs Tariff Statistics Determining the position numbers

- Registration of the required declaration in accordance with the legal rules

- Informing the customer of details such as damage, breakage and defects in the goods to be imported

- Realization of customs duties and accrual payments

- finalization of the collateral transactions if the goods to be imported are collateralized

- In case the transactions are completed smoothly, the customer should be informed about the adrese referral

- Performing related accounting and archiving operations when the import process is over


The decision regarding the export operations shall be made in accordance with the relevant legislation and the agreements made by the two parties, and then adhering to the communiqué and laws.

As Ercan Customs Brokerage firm, when you tell us your export requirements, we can apply the following procedures:

- Determination of the Customs Tariff Statistics Position numbers of the goods considered to be exported

- Registration of export associations according to the type of products

- The preliminary licenses shall be indicated to the relevant authorities if deemed necessary under the Export Regulations and Export Regime Laws and the procedure for the guarantee of special documents such as A.TR-1, E.UR-1 together with the health certificate

- Loading of goods into vehicles and realization of customs procedures

- Arrangement of the declaration necessary for the customs exit after the completion of the appropriate documents

- Registration after the declaration is accepted and realization of the determinations by inspection

- Solution of collateral groups

- Accounting of all transactions after the end of export and processing of these transactions in archive files 


- Determination of the Customs Tariff Statistics Position number of the goods

- Requesting the order from the appropriate agency after the documents have been prepared

- Procedures for regulating the declaration of the item to be transacted

- Making the required registration after the declaration

- Moving to the warehouse or loading area according to the condition of the goods

- Loading in suitable conditions with the most suitable transportation type vehicle without damage to the furniture

- Carrying out of country or customs transit transactions

- Regulation of accounting and archive records

As Ercan Customs, we offer customs clearance services with companies that trade in free zones in areas where they are outside the free zone.

We offer practical solutions to you, such as entry and exit transactions between our free zone services, requesting the necessary permits, creating transaction forms, and escorting in and out.

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