Sahraicedid (Şube)}
  • Sahraicedid (Şube)
  • Halkalı (Şube)
  • İzmit Derince (Şube)
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Our Mission

As Ercan Customs, we are aware that we live in the era of technology and we develop ourselves by constantly following the developments that are happening in the world together with our professional kadromuz. We are striving to reveal the original works within the sector by continuously improving the quality of service with our team following developments in the foreign trade sector.

Our Principles
While serving our customers, we remain faithful to... Read more
Our Vision
As Ercan Customs, we always continue our work base... Read more
Who Are We?
Ercan Customs clearance company founded by Turgut... Read more
Why us ?
Customer Happiness

With our quality service understanding, our customers' satisfaction comes first of all for us.

Door Delivery Time

Depending on the product you supply, you can specify the delivery location and time.

Mobile Shipment Tracking

We provide follow-up with our mobile shipment tracking system for the products that we supply, if you wish, you can follow the products you buy with our system.

Careful Use

Careful user manuals are provided for each product we supply.

24 Hour Support

If you want to get information about the products we supply, if you have any problems about the products you buy, you can contact us 24 hours on our support line.

Global supply chain

We are crossing the boundaries for you. We have a global supply chain and can supply you with your desired time supply to your desired country.