Insurance, likely to occur and a charge of risk can be measured with money (premiums) in return, this work will be compensated by the companies undertake.

Shipping insurance, the cost of goods and determined between the vendor and purchaser against risk is to the order after shipment. So, the commercial transport of goods, may encounter during transportation ziya, damage and losses that are made against an insurance is a type.

Insurance policy document indicating the goods are insured.

Insurance policies, a time during the year as the transport carrying the risk of all shipments may take riskinide guaranteed.

Policy Types

• Kati policy: Shipping insurance contract contains any information required is the final policy.

• Temporary Policy: Shipping is missing some information about, and then reported the lack of registration will be issued with a security policy is.

 The Risks Insurance

• Narrow Coverage: Transport of vehicle shock, combustion, overthrow, the path out of physical phenomena such as natural disasters as a result of loss of goods va damage to ship goods to recover the costs incurred for the risks of covers. Only in the narrow airway transportation is not assured.

• Wide Coverage: (All Risks) is valid for all types of transportation. Goods handling, loading and unloading and storage of all the risks that occur during the guarantee takes the gold.

• Force Majeur: Shipping will be made in areas of war, strike, riot, confusion and risks arising from the popular movement in question is valid. 

Characteristics of Transport Policy

 • Transportation premiums are paid in advance.

• Transportation policy is not canceled in, but did not set out goods have to be determined.

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