Trade agreements arising from the relations of States with each other have laid the groundwork for the passage of goods of different qualities and kinds through customs by road or sea route. Customs legislation and compulsory legislation have been drafted accordingly. Here, all customs procedures and customs clearance activities are carried out in accordance with the principles and procedures in the 4458 Customs Code. Within this scope, with the expansion of trade volume, the customs firms providing services with the knowledge of customs consultants are carrying out many activities such as import, export, storage, logistics, consultancy and support services. Customers can send their products safely and quickly through these companies.

Customs firms, which are also committed to the elimination of complications and disputes that may arise in the course of the realization of customs procedures, also provide warehousing services according to their quality. These companies, which offer the least amount of time and cost to the customer, can also provide storage conditions according to the quality of the products. These companies, which have signed a number of essential services such as trans-national transport or bonded warehouses, must act within the framework of the rules set by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. The customs firms, which provide convenience to the customers and cooperate with the insurance companies in terms of the documentation of the necessary documents such as permits and permits, aim to realize the customs procedures smoothly. Istanbul, which is at the crossroads of Anatolia and Europe and has a complete transit route, is the first address of these companies. Istanbul is at the key point of transport, whether it is to be done by road or by sea. For this reason, the number of commercial vessels crossing the bridge in a day is rather high.

According to the products to be transported today, the customs offices of different names offering the possibility of wide vehicles or refrigerated vehicles serve to provide customer satisfaction. Many customs clearance companies are operating in customs territories. Procedures made by public offices and public employees are documented and no activities contrary to the law are allowed. Customs clearance procedures are carried out on this basis within the framework of established guidelines in a reliable and fair manner. In this context, customs activities are also regularly audited by the institutions whose duties and authorizations are given by the Ministry.