The customs procedures carried out and carried out under the Ministry of Customs and Trade are followed closely and illegal activities are prevented. Entrances and exits are documented and inspected both in our country and in foreign countries. Customs departments on critical routes and organized at the border operate in a disciplined manner. in this context they exit to foreign countries and control access to my country and all mobility is documented. Vehicle owners, passengers, merchants are included in the customs procedures. Customs firms in the transportation sector offer the quality of the products and the packing and storage service according to çeşidine. There are documents and documents required for all works planned to be carried out in customs territories. The necessary permits and permits are processed and acted on by compulsory laws. The customs clearance documents differ according to the nature of the agreement and the business. For example, for import-based customs clearance, documents such as the original invoice, insurance policy, freight bill, ordino for the imported item are required.

Customs clearance procedures must be carried out seriously throughout the country. Otherwise, illegal activities such as smuggling may occur. For this reason, the customs clearance documents are prepared by the parties and delivered to the required places. If we mention the documents required for export; customs documents such as the membership of the Exporters' Union where the exported goods are subject to export, the official Turkish invoice, the medical report, the control documents must also be prepared by the parties. In addition to all these, the power of attorney is the documents necessary to prepare the activity document of the Chamber of Commerce.

The customs procedures that apply to import and export activities that ensure the development of an individual country are of interest to both states and individuals. For this reason, customs duties which are officially required to be prepared and approved differ according to their nature. It is the customs clearance documents which are included in the customs clearance procedures of the customs procedures of the loaded vehicle, the document delivery form, the delivery of the customs exit declarations, the GTIP determination related to the product. All transactions are recorded and documented in computer environment. Especially during the exits made abroad or in the products taken into the country, registration works are prepared and done more seriously. In addition, all work and transactions are carried out according to mandatory laws.