Customs clearance procedures arising from trade, import or export relations with each other are carried out within the framework of certain laws and rules. Institutions and units affiliated to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, which will carry out these operations in foreign countries and in our country if necessary, serve. In this context, customs offices are in operation at the end points and on the critical transit routes in order to make the entrance and exit more secure and supervised. It is included in the territorial boundaries of our country, land waters and airspace customs territory. Customs brokerage firms aiming to provide minimum time loss and least cost services to customers in wide transportation or to facilitate crossing of different products have completed their formation today.

Customs brokerage firms, teams and equipments with wide range of equipments, transportation, logistics and warehousing services are also offered to customers in order to meet the business volumes and fulfill the commitments given. Today, it is possible to find many customs firms in our city which is located in a very strategic geographical region like İstanbul. These companies, which also provide different quality and quality storage conditions in the shipping sector by maritime, have the equipment ready according to the sensitivity of the products.

Customs brokers benefit from the knowledge and experience of their customs brokers and customs brokers to perform customs clearance transactions in order to solve customs brokerage transactions in a timely manner. These companies, which are contracted with insurance companies against unwanted situations such as accident or disaster which is only a possibility to come to the plaza, act as intermediaries in the customs procedures with concrete equipment. Managers and employees who operate in accordance with the Customs Code, both in the field of law and in law, serve the purpose and exhibit a serious work by providing customer satisfaction. In this context, there are ghirmish consulting firms that brand their name with their experience for many years. The equipment, which is prepared according to the characteristics of the products in the market, serves to carry out the transportation in the fastest and reliable way.