Both in Turkey and abroad, the expansion of trade volume and entry and exit in customs territories have begun to intensify. In addition, customs brokerage firms have expanded the scope of their services and improved their equipment according to the quality and quality of the products. In this context, many customs brokerage firms and customs brokerage services are provided in the maritime transport sector if necessary. All the works planned and planned are carried out in accordance with the Customs Code. Companies that are equipped with sufficient legal knowledge and who aim to provide fast and reliable services also provide information, counseling and support services about legal obligations to their customers.

Companies providing customs clearance services which are informative and guiding in important issues such as temporary admission, temporary exit, control documents in all of the import and export based transports in the transitions to be made abroad are under the signing of maritime, land and air transportation organizations. Industrial products, textile products, different products included in the food sector and many more products subject to transport are stored and stored in accordance with the storage conditions when required by the customs firms. The products that need to be dispatched quickly are also provided with minimum time loss.

Import or export agreements made in parallel with the development of inter-country relations and trade are the subject of the customs agency. Customs brokerage firms or customs brokerage firms, which are intermediaries for obtaining important documents such as the issuance of necessary documents according to the nature of the commercial agreements made and the required permits or licenses to be obtained, Inspections to prevent illegal activities such as smuggling, theft, etc., provide for the completion of more regular and safe procedures. Required documents such as proxy documents, signature circulars, Chamber of Commerce operation documents required to ensure the passage. Customs brokers also provide consulting services to clients by illuminating this issue. In this respect, the customers are trading within the framework of the compulsory principles and procedures. These companies, which facilitate their business with their experience in the transport sector and customs clearance, act with business discipline and continue to work in this context.