Today, the increase of foreign trade volume of the states and the agreements realized in line with the agreements made are all subject to customs. Customs brokers and customs brokers, who carry out transport activities according to the sub-structure of the customs companies, charge different fees according to the quality of the products and transportation. Vessels used for sea road transportation, vehicles provided for road road logistics serve at different capacities. Customs clearance service is mostly carried out in ports by sea road transport. In addition to this, companies that also have the ability to store according to the sensitivity or durability of the product, undertake to complete the activity with minimum waste of time and minimum cost. There are also customs clearance companies that provide air transport services for goods that need to be delivered more quickly and broader. 

Customs brokers and customs firms specify their mission in terms of their establishment or services and specify fast and reliable operations with their own team and equipment. The exact nature of which company is determined in this direction. Some customs brokers serve for the transport of industrial or technological products, some serve in the food sector. Companies that have proven themselves in storage, logistics, warehousing and consultancy activities are recording the customs transactions in computer environment and act on the laws. At the same time, the companies that promise to solve the problems in the most rapid manner in case of dispute in obtaining the necessary permits or permits do not sign any illegal transactions. All the inputs and outputs that are audited are also documented by the public institutions and examined thoroughly. 

Entrances and exits completed in accordance with the Customs Code and all customs clearance within the country constitute the most important part of the trade. This is because all customs clearances are started after certain agreements and contracts are made. Many of these transactions take place in Istanbul, the pupil of our country. Istanbul, which is in a very strategic geographical position with its ports and its straits, is witnessing countless entries and exits throughout the day. In addition to this, our other illiterates such as Izmir and Sinop are also hosting these activities. Agreements made between countries and all customs procedures carried out expand trade volume and take the country one step further.